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Tips for protecting your birdhouse from the elements

How well does it hold up in the weather?

That is the most frequently asked question we get regarding our Vintage Camper Birdhouse (the second most asked question is, where do the flamingos go? But that's a topic for another time) We always recommend applying a finishing coat after assembly, especially if the Camper will be in direct rain or sunlight. But not everyone is familiar with how to apply a protective finishing coat, so here’s a few tips to help you keep your Camper looking like new.


Polyurethane spray clear coat

By far, the easiest way to protect your bird house from the weather is by applying a spray clear coat. Polyurethane spray clear coat can be found at any hardware store. They come in a variety of sheen finishes and made by a variety of brands all offering their own version of “fast drying” or “superior durability.”



The important thing when applying this spray clear coat is that you do it after assembling, because this material could build up in places where the wood needs to fit tightly to snap in place. Spray the clear coat from about 6 inches away, going side to side, constant movement, making sure you don’t over apply it in the same area. Also, do this in a well ventilated place. Let it dry and reapply at least once more. The more coats you apply the longer it’ll last.


Maintenance and cleaning

Over time you might have dust, dirt, or even mold build up on your camper, but worry not! Since you gave it a clear coat initially all you have to do now is use some fine grit sand paper, 280 and finer, to sand off whatever gunk might have collected on the surface, then reapply the spray clear coat as before.


And there you have it! An easy way to keep this adorable house for the birdies nice and clean every season.

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