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Our Story

Is it really One Man in One Garage?

We know you're wondering... and the truth is, we did start out that way! But only for a short time. That fuzzy memory almost 10 years ago is hard to fathom when we think about all we've gone through. Before we knew it, years had gone by in the blink of an eye!

My partner SJ is pretty much the operations brain around here. He's a pretty good designer, wether he believes it or not, and the disciplinary skills he gets from his Japanese heritage are a huge factor in the success of our business. But even then, just the two of us would have never been enough to make it through the initial growing pains. So add to the story, One Dog, my One Mom, our One Friend we can always count on, and multiple amazing team members that have stepped through our studio doors throughout the years to make all this possible! It all comes together in an ever evolving, exciting, and creative place to build an unthinkable career; Once upon a time, in a garage.

For years these ideas had been rolling around in my head. I knew there were tools out there to help make these sketches turn into reality. They just felt a little out of reach. It was near the end of 2013 when it was finally time to pull the trigger and land the tools I needed to make it all happen. Enter the laser cutter. From that point on, the garage would never be the same... no room for my Jeep anymore!


Our designs are an experience. We combine cutesy with a little bit of arts & crafts and functionality. Not only do we focus on creating pieces full of detail that look incredible, but pieces that provide a moment for you and a loved one to sit down and work on something together. A moment to connect emotionally but also to engage mentally. And you end up with a piece that provides purpose on your day to day life. Our Vintage Camper is the most adorable thing, but hang it outside and the birds will make a home of it!

Fast forward to the present, after several hard long years of jumping hurdles and pushing towards my passion, life is pretty good! You can barely walk around in the garage with all the fun toys and machines it takes to bring ideas into reality. This new chapter in my life has gone from lots of trial and errors, lots of sleepless nights in the studio (fancy name for garage), making it through a global pandemic with only a few battle scars, to opening doors into the most fun I've had my entire life.

Be on the lookout for a fully packed schedule of local popup sales. Usually announced through our social channels. We love to engage with our customers face to face and learn how we can improve our products. We tend to bring out our newest and sometimes still developing ideas to get instant feedback from you on what works and what doesn't. 

This endeavor is proving to be successful when you factor in the emotional fulfillment along with the investment paying off. Turns out the "One man" in the company ends up being a very busy guy! Just designing new things is a blast, but learning to balance all the other hats one must wear to make a company work is pretty overwhelming. From marketing, to creating, fulfilling orders, sourcing materials, equipment maintenance, IT, etc.. Tough to know what anyone's title is some days! But I've often wondered, why did I wait so long to get started? I encourage everyone with an idea in a theoretical "garage" with the will to become a Maker to go for it!


- Marcus

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